All the sea - one ocean. Synchronized swimming instructors - a decent salary. In fish need water only. Ultimately, we are all one. He lives far away on the borders of the world, and not disturb his heart the things of the earth. Dangerous voyage, courage and hot sea of blood, the intoxication of Paradise and the desire for new adventures – that’s what softly whispers to the ocean depths to the sailors who one day decided to travel on water. Thanks to the Italian association became possible to see them on the high seas and control their living conditions in order to preserve one of the most ...

Why dolphins save people?

The first written evidence of the fact that the dolphins save sinking in a sea of people and pushed them to the shore, appeared in antiquity. And today dolphins regularly perform this feat. Scientists until there is only one convincing version of why these amazing mammals do.

As is known, dolphins, as people breathe air - they are periodically trying to enter his lungs, surfacing on the surface. And they know that the Dolphin, which can't breathe, will perish. Therefore, if in the family-pack some Dolphin falls ill and is unable to surface, actively helping him to stay on the surface of the other. Some scientists believe that dolphins believe people and their relatives and understand that without the air of a man dies like a Dolphin. That is why, seeing sinking, Dolphin helps him to rise to the surface and get to the shore.

Like it or not, is still unknown. But the fact that dolphins are really save sinking, is undeniable. The famous Greek historian Herodotus described the following case: singer Arion after traveling to Greece were captured by the pirates. They robbed him and was going to drown. As a last wishes Arion was asked to play the lyre. Music has attracted a Dolphin. And when the pirates threw singer overboard, Dolphin rescued him and carried to the shore. About the rescue on water dolphins mentioned and Aristotle, and Plutarch, Pliny the Elder...
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Dead sea – the legend

The healing properties of the Dead sea has long been considered a very hard time understanding. Strange air, saturated vapors, water and water-it is difficult to call it, has generated around this lake many fantastic stories. The dead sea is so full of different salts that their concentration reaches more than forty percent - to achieve such a difficult even artificially, as such amount of salt simply will not dissolve in water.

But even when receiving the same concentration to play miraculous composition of the water of the Dead sea is impossible - so diverse salts that are present in this water. The reason for this phenomenon is very salty sea Lashon being in the place of the Dead sea is about one million years ago. It left the enormous layer of salt in almost 2 kilometers, which lies in a valley and directly under the Dead sea.

Beach, covered with myths

Since ancient times, the Dead sea has attracted the attention of people. To that sea sought not only physical health, but also in search of spiritual balance and peace. In these waters do not even know how to swim people easily floats on the surface and does not sink. The dead sea relaxes the body, making it virtually weightless; and the soul is immersed in a state of harmony with this sacred place.
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Poseidon and the gods of the sea

Deep in the depths of the sea is a wonderful Palace of the great brother of Zeus the Thunderer, the bends of the land of Poseidon. Dominates the seas Poseidon, and the waves of the sea obey the slightest movement of his hands, formidable armed Trident. There, in the depths of the sea, lives with Poseidon and his beautiful wife, Amphitrite, the daughter of the sea of prophetic elders Nera, who was taken by the great ruler of the seas Poseidon her father. He saw once, as she drove dance with her sisters-Nereids on the shore of the island of Naxos. Was captivated God of the sea, beautiful Amfitriti and wanted to take her in his chariot. But Amphitrite hid the Titan Atlas, which keeps on his mighty shoulders of the firmament. Couldn Poseidon find a wonderful daughter Nera. Finally revealed to him her asylum Dolphin; for this service Poseidon put Dolphin among the constellations. Poseidon stole Atlas beautiful daughter Nera and married her.

Since then, the lives of Amphitrite with her husband Poseidon in the underwater Palace. High above the Palace rustle of the sea wave. A host of sea deities surrounds of Poseidon, obedient to his will. Among them is the son of Poseidon Triton, a thunderous sound of his pipe from the calling shell terrible storm. Among the deities and beautiful sisters Amphitrite, Nereids. Poseidon ruled over the sea. Continue reading

People amphibious

Marine aged man (man) Nereus

People amphibious quite often mentioned in the Greek tradition. One of the characters of this kind - "Maritime old man with the body of a man and a fish tail Nereus, who lived in the Aegean sea. According to the works of ancient Greek poet Hesiod (VIII C. BC) and Pindar (622-448 BC), he had 50 daughters, and Sophocles (496-406 BC) wrote about a hundred.
R. temple believes that the first ancient Greeks worshipped Nera as the ruler of the sea Nereus.
Hesiod wrote in "Theogonia":
"And from the Sea Nereus was born, the eldest of his sons, whose mouth truthful and not tainted by lies. And the people called him Maritime old man, for he is true to his word, good, and just, and his thoughts pure."

Marine aged man (man) Proteus

Other "sea the old man with the body of a man and a fish tail was Proteus, who lived on the island of Pharos near Alexandria (home of the famous lighthouse of Alexandria) and often rested in caves nearby sea lions. And Nereus and Proteus could change their appearance and to predict the future.
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The warmest sea in the world

The red sea is located between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Washes the coasts of countries such as Sudan, Yemen, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti and Jordan. Its area is about 450 thousand km2, and the volume of water about 250 thousand km3. The length of the reservoir by different estimations makes from 1932 to 2350 km and width of 300 to 360.
Besides the fact that the Red sea is the salt in the oceans (one liter of water accounts for 41 grams of salt), it is necessary and the warmest. Even in the coldest winter months are December and January) temperatures on the coast of the reservoir is 20-25 degrees, while in August it may reach +50 C! Therefore, the temperature of the water does not fall below +20 C, and the maximum is +27-29 C.

One of the distinctive features of this sea is that it does not no river flows, which would bring with it a sand or mud, so the water is always incredibly transparent.
Particularly popular Red sea has become in recent years, mostly from the Egyptian coast. Come here many divers who with great pleasure lowered into the water. Still, as it hides a unique underwater world. So, there is a huge amount of corals most incredible forms and colors. Amazing and life - with your own eyes, you can see the bottlenosed Dolphin, killer whales, or even green turtle. What to speak about Moray eels and sharks, which are also present in large quantities and are considered to be rather peaceful creatures. The children in dignity can appreciate beautiful soltanok and fish-clowns that swim right next to the beach.

To escape all failed: only 712 passengers and crew were able to win the ocean depths and to be back on land. The catastrophe was legendary, and on its grounds was shot several films, including the great and sad “Titanic”.
To create a “planet” we need more than 125 cube km of sand and 13 million tons of rocks, reported the representative of Dutch company that won the contract for construction works. The contract for the project is estimated at more than $ 230 million. A small portion of haddock is 18% protein and only 22 calories, while a similar number of beef is as much as 80 calories. It will be better if in the preparation of the fish you will avoid fryers and without fat and oil, for example, bake it.